Cool Down With BBK’s Cold Air Induction System

Screen shot 2013-05-01 at 9.33Recently on Motorz we performed a major engine upgrade on an ’87 Ford Mustang. In order to make sure the more powerful engine could keep cool, it was critical to install more capable air intake systems. For our pony car, we used BBK’s Cold Air Induction System. Specifically, the kit we installed is the BBK 1557, capable of fitting any 5.0L Mustang from 1986-1993.

As with every air induction component offered by BBK, this kit uses a high quality, washable filter that allows 50 percent better airflow than standard paper intakes. Designed to increase performance while keeping weight down, the filter features a custom designed aluminum housing completed with a chrome plated finish.

Power gains occur as soon as this kit is installed. Cooler air is denser air, which means your engine can deliver more oxygen to each cylinder. This allows for a more powerful explosion and thus greater horsepower. An additional benefit of running cool is that less strain is put on key components. Less strain means greater engine lifetime and reliability.

For more information or to buy BBK products, head to the BBK website or visit the Partz page.

To see Chris install and put this kit into action, check out the video below!


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