Chill Out With Flex-a-Lite’s Radiator and Transmission Cooling Kits

Motorz_Flex-a-LiteUnlike the vast majority of vehicles that are simply used to get from A to B, work vehicles have an entirely different set of requirements. Each component needs to consistently shrug off huge amounts of stress, performance demands and tough conditions. Whether utilizing stock or aftermarket parts under the hood, keeping your engine and transmission cool is of critical importance. For the best cooling solution all the way around your truck, check out Flex-a-Lite’s Direct-fit GM Radiator and Electric Fan Kit. Dramatically improve your transmission cooling as well with the Translife Transmission Oil Cooler Kit.

For 1999-2012 full-size GM truck and SUV owners, these kits were made specifically for you. The aluminum radiator doesn’t just provide benefits in extreme conditions. Chris has these components installed on his own truck and has noted not only greater performance but improved fuel economy as well. Additionally, the increased cooling power over the factory until ensures that your engine will run much cooler for longer periods of time. The radiator can be ordered with or without dual electric fans. With the fans installed, cooling power is increased exponentially as overall engine heat rises. This can be manually controlled and programmed via an included variable speed controller. Flex-a-Lite has designed the entire kit for easy assembly, taking just a few hours to bolt everything into place.

The Translife Transmission Oil Cooler Kit greatly reduces oil temperature by using integrated tubing to provide optimal heat transfer. Both kits include all the hardware needed for installation and are manufactured right here in the U.S.A. For more information and to purchase head to the official Flex-a-Lite website. Watch the video below to see Chris provide a full overview of both kits!


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