Chevy Camaro Pipeline Intake Installation (S02E13)

Chris Duke shows you how to beef up a 2010 Chevy Camaro with The Pipeline cold air intake from Fastlane.

“The Pipeline” cold air intake (CAI), is a massive 4″, aluminum construction, true cold air intake. It draws cold air from lower grill opening allowing for massive horsepower gains when accompanied with a tune. The Pipeline also features a CNC-machined MAS air flange and installs with a stock PCV system. It requires a simple bolt-on relocation of windshield washer reservoir.

The Pipeline is available in several different finishes including color matched paint, raw aluminum, and polished aluminum.  Capable of achieving 22+ RWHP and 37+ RWTQ with a tune that will slam you back in your seat and make you wish you had done this sooner!  The Pipeline is also compatible with their stage 1, 2, 3 performance packages.

Call Fastlane at (713) 600-8600 or visit Fastlane’s website for more information and to purchase The Pipeline!

Episode Synopsis

In episode 27, the PARTZ segment featured The Pipeline true cold air intake from Fastlane.  We held onto those cool tubes until we could get our hands on a 2010 Chevy Camaro to install it.  Thankfully Jason, a viewer of the show, came to our rescue and dropped off his brand new Camaro for 5 days so we could extract the PCM and ship it off to Fastlane to be programmed with a custom tune, then perform the install on video.

The installation is like any other cold air intake, however since The Pipeline tucks way down behind the front bumper on the driver’s side, the more challenging aspect of this install is relocating the stock windshield washer reservoir.  This step is actually much more time consuming than the installation of the intake kit!  You have to jack up the driver’s side, remove a few bolts, then wiggle the reservoir out from the top, remove the tubing and install the new (smaller) reservoir.  Nothing too difficult, but it does add to the installation time quite a bit.

Once the reservoir has been relocated, it’s easy connecting the pieces of the pipe together with hose clamps, moving the mass air sensor from the stock pipe to the Pipeline, then connecting it all back up.

Episode Notes

In the episode I mention that if you install The Pipeline intake without performing the custom tune, your computer will throw error codes.  The truth is that it won’t throw error codes, but you won’t see much of a performance increase without a custom tune.  Fastlane has developed a tune for the 2010 Camaro that, with the addition of The Pipeline, can give you an additional 30 HP, so it is highly recommended you get a custom tune, otherwise you’re spending a lot of money swapping out your intake for very little performance improvements.

Dynamometer Information

This dyno chart shows 22+ RWHP and 37+ RWTQ, however this is with the custom tune from Fastlane.  Without a tune, The Pipeline gives you an additional 15+ RWHP.

fastelane pipeline intake dyno results

Click image to download larger PDF version

How to Buy

The Pipeline is $469, sold through Fastlane’s website. Click here to buy.

  1. this would have been perfect if a before and after dyno was done. nothing proves and expensive upgrade like dyno sheets. how much did the CAI cost ? these minor things will improve the show, in my opinion. good editing tho, you showed the viewer what to do, then got the video doing it. shows got potential. how about a soundtrack? and showcase some American made tools.

  2. Fastlane will be publishing dyno info at their site for The Pipeline, and once they do I'll add it to the show notes here. Dyno runs are very expensive and time consuming, so we don't do it for the show. We leave that to the manufacturer. Also the cost is $469. The reason why I often leave that out of the show is because pricing changes so much on products like these.

  3. tre-cool.. i LOVE getting to see the new camaro up close better.. how cool is it they already put the battery box in the trunk.. =D Interesting install.. definately loved the new "skip-around" on the bolt / install.. nice work Chris! 5*

  4. if anyone needs this vid they have no business playin under the hood lol. save that money and get heads cam n a real dyno tune..

  5. this is for people who dont know how to do it man. not everyone on streetfire and who owns muscle cars are auto-techs. A cold air intake is the best bag for buck mod. most people only put cai on.

  6. Very clear vid-I don't know why I watched it though. UK here with a Hilux truck. However, lovely motor that Camaro :)

  7. I'd say this was more challenging an install than most due to the fact that the vehicle has to be jacked up in order to relocate the reservoir… and that was a task itself. Plus, there's the matter of dealing with the PCM… all of these things look quick & easy in a 10 minute video…

  8. Don't forget, you had to disconnect the line for the PCM valve, and swap the MAF sensor. I didn't mean to offend you, but you already showed how to put in a cold air intake, even though this is more involved. I have been working on car since I was 5, again, sorry to offend you.

  9. next week on MOTORZtv, converting the fuel injected camaro to a carburated motor.. hahahaha. now that would be a show.

  10. I appreciate the feedback, so no offense taken. One thing I don't want to do with the show is to have 10 different intake episodes. This was an opportunity to work with a new vehicle and show something simple that can be done with it. Point taken :)

  11. true cai, and lets "after gas" (my state is 10% ethanol) out in a common sense direction. the oem washer bottle was huge with a pump in dumb location. A mod!

  12. Great Vid, but why is it that you'd have to tune the computer? I've always heard of tuning the comp. only after fairly big mods like swapping turbo's and installing s/c's.

  13. Looks pretty stout, but kinda loses the "bang for the buck" when it's nearly $500 for just an intake, and another $400 for a mail order tune. By the time shipping is all said and done you basically just spend a grand to make ~25 hp. Sucks trying to find aftermarket stuff for new cars…

  14. so does this or other intakes void the warranty? i'm assuming none of these are CARB legal for those of us in SoCal too~

  15. ah i hate that answer! haha.. well smog shops aren't really my worry, but I get pulled over all the time in my G35 and they've asked me to pop my hood almost 50% of the time. i have a carb legal short ram intake and custom catback exhaust that is also <100dB so i should be 100% street legal minus my tint in cali, but i was wondering if there's any room to get away with such things in an american car or if carb approval was easier to get since the parts are made in the US of A…so cal laws bite

  16. I love the intake however I hate how sloppy the welds are, if you just bought a $40K + car, you want the product to look well so if I do order this I will order without the powder coating and grind those welds down to make it look as a one piece pipe then I'll have it powder coated.

  17. Why would you disconnect the positive battery connector? The Negative Terminal is what every other intake install calls for. Is there something unique about the 2010 Camaro SS that changes the standard rules?

  18. Is it true that the Fastlane Pipeline CAI kit for the Camaro SS uses an AEM DRYFLOW synthetic air filter?

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  20. I’ve driven through some pretty deep water with this car and haven’t had any issues. If you’re driving through the 1 to 2 feet required to get water in the engine with this intake, you’d probably be in trouble with the stock air box as well.

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