Catch The Web With The Covercraft Bed Webb

Motorz_BedWebbsGetting the absolute most out of a pickup truck can be a challenge just by design. With an open bed, securing lightweight or stacked cargo can be a significant hazard to both what you’re transporting and the vehicle itself. Covering the bed can eliminate this issue but it seriously cuts down on total space as well as convenience. For a solution that uses considerable creativity, check out the Spidy Gear Bed Webb from Covercraft.

As the name suggests, the Bed Webb uses a spider web like design to keep cargo in while maximizing possible space. Made of heavy duty 6mm stretch chord, despite the flexible construction, it well bend but never break. No matter how far it is stretched, the web is designed to return to its original size after each use. This is possible thanks to a core that radiates from a stainless steel center ring which focuses overall strength at the point it is needed most. Additionally, Bed Webbs are designed fit virtually any domestic or import truck. With easy on and off installation, the webs are offered in four colors. Best of all, peace of mind is a given with a 90 day warranty.

To see Chris review this wildly effective solution, check out the video below! For even more information, head to the Covercraft official website.


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