Caring for Your Car’s Leather Upholstery

A stunning and sumptuous leather interior normally comes at something of a premium. You therefore should pay extra attention to keeping them not only clean, but well-conditioned and cared for. Properly maintain your car’s leather upholstery, and you’ll get a great-looking, nice-smelling, comfortable and luxurious car to enjoy for years to come.

The trouble is the cleaning and maintenance 

For some drivers, having a leather interior is everything, but knowing how best to look after it is another question entirely. The truth is that cleaning and caring for leather upholstery is not as difficult or scary as you think. With a few simple steps, the right equipment and a bit of knowhow, you too can master it.

The two main things you need to know how to do are:

1. Perform general cleaning on your leather
2. Get rid of stains from the leather

General Car Leather Cleaning – Steps to Take

For a common, regular clean of your car’s leather, you only need a few things — a vacuum, a quality leather cleaner (typically a liquid or cream), leather conditioner, and two clean, soft and dry microfiber towels/cloths, and a soft-bristled brush — and the even better news is that you only need to do the following every 3-6 months.

Step 1 – Vacuum: The first thing you have to do is to remove any dust or debris that might be sitting on the leather surface. If you clean your car regularly, this step will be easy, but if it’s been a while, then get ready for a good, vigorous vacuuming!

Step 2 – Application: Once the loose debris and dirt is gone, it’s time to apply your cleaner. These cleaners often come as sprays, but also may be a liquid applicator or even a cream-like product. Whatever you’re using, apply as instructed on the side. With a spray, you spray a coat all over the leather, and then use the soft-bristled brush to massage the product over any areas that look particularly tired or worn.

Step 3 – Wiping: After leaving the cleaner on for a few moments (or however long instructed on the label), take one of your dry, clean microfiber towels and wipe away any excess product. Depending on how your leather is coated, it may feel damp to the touch even after wiping.

Step 4 – Condition: Be generous when you’re applying the conditioner, but take care not to be uneven when you’re putting it on. You’re applying the conditioner as a way to stop that horrible-looking cracking effect from happening. Your leather is especially vulnerable at the creases where contact with your hair/skin is closest.

Step 5 – More Wiping: Use your other cloth to wipe away excess conditioner and dry the surface. The result should be shinier, softer and more healthy-looking leather.

Stains, stains, miserable stains – Steps to Take

Keeping up with the routine we mention above will add life and quality to your leather, but it doesn’t protect you against the danger of sudden and acute staining. So, how should you deal with a stain on your leather?

A bit of good news, first, which is that you can use the exact same equipment as you use for a regular clean, except this time you also have to add a kitchen scouring pad.

Step 1 – Clean as you did above: Use your newly established cleaning routine (above) to get the seats all hunky-dory and squeaky clean (except for the stain you’re about to tackle).

Step 3 – Apply and Agitate with the brush: Take a small blob or concentrated blast of the cleaner and put it right on top of the stain. After, use that soft-bristled brush and agitate that stain the same way you agitated the worn crease areas of the leather while cleaning.

Step 4 – Didn’t work? Get the scouring pad: This should be more effective on particularly stubborn stains, especially when compared to the soft-bristled brush. Don’t go at the seat like you’re scouring a blackened frying pan, though. Stay gentle and let the texture of the pad do the work.

Keep the Leather, Keep the Glory

Picture the scene, you land in the UAE, you rent Ferrari in Dubai so you look the part, and you’re on your way to pick up that all-important client. The first they see and feel when getting in is that gorgeous leather interior. When you see how glorious it is to behold when new, you immediately know the value of keeping it that way for its whole life.

Follow our advice and your car’s leather will proudly shine and look gorgeous for you on every trip.

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