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We have a very popular thing going on at our Facebook page called “Caption This” where, daily, we post a funny car-related photo and ask our Facebook fans to write a short caption to describe what they see. The results are always entertaining and it’s a fun way to break up the day with something silly.

Ironically, we are currently on a closed captioning rampage with all episodes of Motorz, since more networks that we’re on are requiring CC for broadcast in order to be compliant with FCC regulations. In other words, if Motorz isn’t closed captioned for the hearing impaired, then they legally can’t air our show.

As a result, the last few episodes of Motorz are finally being transcribed. Within the next week or so, all episodes will be completed. As a parallel effort, we’re also making use of these transcriptions by uploading them to YouTube so that our S03-S05 episodes are also transcribed in their entirety.

This is not only helpful for the hearing impaired, but also for translation! YouTube has a magical feature that will translate any captioned video into dozens of other languages on-the-fly. See below for a few examples!

Only a few episodes have been updated (see the list below) but we’re working to get all of them updated! Check it out by watching it and clicking the red “CC” icon at the bottom of the player.

If you’d like to see the episode translated into other languages, click the “CC” icon, select “Translate Captions”, then the language:

Here’s what the end result looks like in a few different languages:



Chinese (Simplified):

Watch Now!

Other Episodes Captioned

The following other episodes have been closed captioned on YouTube. We’ll update this last as others become available!

Season 5

S05E06 Vehicle Wraps
S05E05 Top End Rebuild
S05E04 Bottom End Rebuild
S05E03 AMP Research
S05E02 Machine Shop
S05E01 Small Block Teardown

Season 4


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