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buildbook3-1024No matter how many tools or how much time you have to dedicate to a project, without knowledge and experience, it can lead to little progress. Unfortunately, for most of us our schedules are pretty limited. There is not always time to meet up with a mechanic or take engineering classes following a lengthy work day. Finding in-depth instructional materials to supplement your own knowledge can turn mediocrity into immense fulfillment.

buildbook1-1024For one of the best series of books on the market that do precisely that, make sure to check out Team Killeen’s Build Books. Considered a hybrid composition, the Build Book series utilizes a highly innovative format. Feature vehicles are placed on every cover, much like a monthly magazine. However, that is where the similarities end. Instead of going into shallow detail, the Build Books follow each featured ride from conceptualization to reality.

buildbook2-1024Practically every weld, bolt and component is highlighted and explained to a level not possible in monthly publications. Ever see a dream project but never thought you had what it took to make it happen? Now you have the basis to turn even wildly ambitious goals into your pride and joy. At this point, six Build Books have been published, each providing a substantial wealth of information regardless of your skill level.

From photos to diagrams and clear instructions, these are some of the best buys we have seen in any form. Take you projects to the next level by heading to Team Killeen’s official website.

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