Mustang 5.0 Engine Bay

Compression Ratios And How They Affect Your Build

The combustion engine is a remarkable device, in some cases a living contradiction. It’s capable of producing staggering amounts of power. Yet, if certain tolerances are exceeded by the smallest of margins, what follows usually includes …

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Focus RS

Ford Focus RS: Too Much Hype, Or Not Enough?

It’s finally happening. After a long, long wait, U.S. auto journalists are getting a crack at the America-bound Focus RS. Ford’s performance division has been on fire lately, with the GT350, GT350R and GT dropping jaws worldwide. Special as …

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Turbo Mustang 5.0 Car and Driver

The Art of Boost: Knowing When Enough is Enough

Having a turbocharged performance car is an incredible thing. While nothing is wrong with natural aspiration, there’s something utterly addictive about letting off the throttle and hearing turbo flutter loud enough to wake the neighbors. Even …

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