2015 Barrett-Jackson

Chris Duke and Alan Taylor are in Scottsdale for the 2015 Barrett-Jackson collector car auction, talking with industry giants and car crazed celebrities.

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Track Day Muscle Part 2: Exterior

In the first iteration of the Motorz Track Day Muscle series, we discussed making your interior as high performance as the V8 nestled under the hood. With the cockpit now ready for the track, it’s time to …

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Track Day Muscle Part 1: Interior Upgrades

Muscle cars are incredible performance machines. Offering stratospheric horsepower potential for a relative bargain, it’s almost like OEMs encourage owners to modify their pony cars. Thanks to the advent of the speed limit, for those looking …

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The Turbo Muscle Car: No Longer Sacrilegious

Earlier this year, the internet collectively exploded as Ford announced the rebirth of the iconic Ford GT. Fetching a sharper suit than the 2005 model and more aggression than a moody honey badger, it’s scientifically …

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P1 LaFerrari 918

The Automotive Future: Much Brighter Than You Think

For auto enthusiasts everywhere, the future is an interesting enigma. Some predictions forecast a particularly unpleasant version of George Orwell’s 1984. Ever decreasing displacement, the death of the combustion engine, tighter driving restrictions, etc. all has come up …

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