Craftsman Jack Stands: The Support You Need

Preparation is important when you are getting ready to do any kind of work on your vehicle. You get the correct parts for the job, you get your tools ready and of course you get your safety gear ready. You go over any instructions you might need and you get your work area ready to do the job at hand.

So, you loosen the lug nuts on your front tire, grab the floor jack to raise the car up so you can start your brake job. But aren’t you forgetting something? Jack stands… they are an often over looked yet crucial tool for the job.

Jack stands make any type of work under the car or tire well so much easier. They can also be considered part of your safety gear if you really think about it. The last thing you want is to get pinned under a car because you knocked a floor jack out of the way while wrestling to get an oil filter off. The Sears Craftsman Professional series jack stands can definitely help make your job easier and much safer at the same time. They are rated for 4 tons and have an advanced safety locking mechanism.

Check out the Partz segment below where Chris shows you just how sturdy and easy to use they are.

For another look at these jack stands and some other great information check out the episode it was featured in, and always remember, safety first!