Summer Car Project Tips

The summer project season is well underway, and many of us are hard at work on our various automotive projects. Throughout the summer we will be throwing some tips your way to help keep your project on track and hopefully trouble free.

One of the most overlooked items on every automotive project is bolt tightening specifications. Many jobs will require certain specifications for the amount of force used to re-tighten bolts, and making sure you adhere to them is critical. Not using the correct amount of torque may cause bolts to back themselves out during engine operation which in turn could cause catastrophic failure. Too much torque can actually cause broken bolts and damage engine components. Using a torque wrench like the Craftsman digital torque wrench from Sears will assure that you are tightening each bolt using the exact amount of torque necessary.

You can usually find the proper torque specifications for your project in the user manual, repair reference manual, or online. Doing it right the first time makes your project that much more enjoyable! If you have any questions, want tips on a certain project, or even have tips of your own to share with the other Motorz viewers, post in the comments section below!

Now here’s Chris, our recently-named exclusive Craftsman spokesperson for automotive tools in Sears catalogs, showing you more from past episodes of Motorz.