Covercraft at the SEMA Show 2011

This past November at the 2011 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, Nevada – Chris stopped by the Covercraft Industries booth to talk to Jeff Jegelewicz about their full line of products. We shot a ton of great video in their booth, which you’ll find embedded below.

We also learned quite a bit about their extensive line of products, which range from vehicle covers, seat covers, vehicle bras, products geared toward the transport of the family pet and even seat heaters! Read on for more!

The biggest surprise at this years show was the introduction of an aftermarket seat heater kit for just about every vehicle imaginable. The heater straps OVER the existing fabric or leather and can either be used as it is, or underneath one of Covercraft’s many seat covers such as the Seat Saver seat covers. The product is powered by the vehicle’s cigarette lighter, so there is no complicated install steps required and is actually a dual element heater that can heat the back and the seat bottom!

Chris and Jeff then go on to discuss some of the well known brands Covercraft has acquired, the Colgan and LeBra car bras, DashMat dash covers, their really neat Seat Pod seat organizers and of course Covercraft’s great line of car covers.

Check out the video, which aired in the most recent episode but THIS version contains much more!