Go Digital with the Craftsman Electronic Torque Wrench

One of the toughest things for us here at Motorz is giving all of the awesome parts and tools we use or talk about on the show enough credit. For the die hard fan base and tool addicts, they’ll pick up on things the casual viewer may miss, but there’s plenty that’s worth another look.

Today we’re going to take a look at the Craftsman Electronic Torque Wrench.

The electronic torque wrench has numerous advantages – a large LCD display, LEDs that tell you when you’re approaching the desired setting and even a nice audible beep to let you know when to stop. How many times have you been using a torque wrench in a tight spot and accidentally moved the settings dial? Well, worry no more as there are no dials on the digital model.

Another great feature to the digital model, you’ve got settings that go from 20 to 200 ft. lbs., 240 to 2,400 in. lbs. and 27.1 to 271.2 Newton-meters! Accuracy is also improved to within 2% with the digital, as opposed to 3% with the traditional analog dial type. Of course Craftsman makes a ton of other torque wrenches, such as the standard click-type, the beam type, and a new one that’s just coming out on the market called the Digi-Click which combines the digital attributes of the one featured here, plus the click action of a traditional torque wrench. You can see Chris Duke referring to it on this page of the new Sears tools catalog!

If you enjoyed checking out the awesome Craftsman Electronic Torque Wrench, make sure you check out the episode it originally aired during Season 4 Episode 2 where we highlight some great Hella auxiliary lighting!

Sears provided a free copy of this tool for review purposes.