iPhone 2.2 Update = Motorz TV "Over the air"

Today Apple released the latest firmware version of their Apple iPhone (v2.2, updating the previous v1.1).  One of my complaints about this awesome phone is that it you cannot browse and download podcasts.

They have had an iTunes app where you can buy and download songs, but not the free podcasts and movies.  Today’s v2.2 firmware update adds support for podcasts which is awesome!  Now you don’t have to sync your phone to get the latest episodes (and previous episodes) of Motorz TV!

So let’s check this out!

First thing you’ll notice is a new “Podcasts” button on the bottom of the iTunes app.

Before I went there, though, I wanted to check the Search feature to see if Motorz could be found–previously (with v2.1) it could not be found.  Sure enough, there they are–both podcasts!

All 14 episodes are there, and it looks great!  It shows the total # of reviews, but there’s no way to view them or add your own review.

If you tap the title of the show, it launches the QuickTime player immediately and begins to download the episode.  You can tap play and WOOT! there it is!  How awesome is that?

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