Auxiliary Lighting (S04E02)

Chris Duke shows you how to install on and off-road auxiliary lights from Hella, Inc. USA on a Ford F-150 and a F-350 pickup truck.

This season 4 episode originally aired on television, and this version contains that same entire episode, but with fewer commercials.


Sears Blue Tool Crew
Hella, Inc. USA

Event Coverage

California Jam at the Park

Partz Mentions

Sears Blue Tool Crew
Baer Brake Systems
Nitrous Express

Episode Notes

In this episode Chris shows you how to install auxiliary lights from Hella, Inc. USA on a Ford F-150 as well as a Ford F-350 Super Duty pickup truck. Included is an overview of where all the wires go, and the F-150 gets a new light bar on the front to hold Hella’s 500FF and Micro FF lights. The F-350 gets the giant 4000 FF Xenon lamps mounted to its front bumper.

This episode also features Partz, Letterz, and event coverage from the California Jam at the Park car show in Southern California!

Whenever installing off-road lights, be sure to check with your local state laws. Many states require them to be covered, even if they are not in use. Thankfully, all of Hella’s lights come with covers, so use them or replace them if they get lost or stolen.

Product Information

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This episode features music from COLDWEST. “Snakeskinner”, “Ignition”, and a custom song for the Motorz Intro.


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