How to remove emblems from your vehicle (S03E-Quick Tip: 01)

This Motorz TV Quick Tip shows you how to remove emblems/badges from your vehicle to replace with new or different ones!

Removing emblems (or badges as some folks call them) is a pretty common practice.  Some smaller badges will pop right off if left in sunlight on a hot day without much effort, especially on newer vehicles.  The older the 3M adhesive, the more effort it will take to remove it. I’ve always used 30 lb “test” fishing line to do the job.  You can wrap the ends around your hands, however you may find your blood circulation being cut off quite quickly which is why I recommend using a pair of rags or work gloves.  Just be sure to move the fishing line (you can also use string or dental floss) slowly as it will heat up quickly and break on you if you’re not careful.

Larger emblems like those found on Ford F-150 or Ford Super Duty pickup trucks are the worst when it comes to the 3M adhesive that’s left over after you pop the emblem off, which is why I demonstrated how to use the eraser wheel in this Quick Tip video.  It can be tricky to find, but very valuable to have in your shop.  I bought one at a local body shop, and another online from Eastwood.  Eastwood no longer sells it (at the time of this writing) so your best bet is to Google “eraser wheel” or “eraser pad” or “autobody eraser wheel with arbor” to find a current online reseller.  Just remember when you’re using this against your paint to press lightly, use low RPMs, and move slowly.

Once you’ve removed all of the adhesive, clean it up with some quick detail spray or soap and water before putting on your new emblem.  I’ve been doing this for years and have never run into any problems with the underlying paint!