Ford Mustang Headlight Upgrade Installation (S02E10)

Chris Duke shows you how to upgrade the stock headlights on a 2008 Ford Mustang GT to smoked headlights, which involves removing the front bumper.

Episode Synopsis

We recently had the need to upgrade the headlights in our 2008 Ford Mustang project vehicle. Like most vehicles, we just thought we’d pop the hood, remove a few bolts and lift up on a few tabs. We wished it was that easy!

After doing some research, we found that we had to remove the entire front bumper of the Mustang in order to remove the headlights. Yes, you heard that right–the entire front bumper has to be removed! It shocked the hell out of us too. So we thought it was another great opportunity for a how-to video, showing owners of the Ford Mustang GT (S197, years 2005-2009) how to do this. It probably applies to the newer 2010+ models as well, in addition to similar vehicles.

The process involves disconnecting the marker lights on the sides, pulling out the fender liner to get to some bolts, removing those, as well as a bunch of smaller ones along the front. Once all the lights are disconnected and the bolts are removed, the bumper pops right off. At that point, all that holds the headlights on are a couple of bolts. You can watch how to do it in this episode #27.