BedRug, The Easy To Install Bedliner

Motorz_BedRugIf you own a work truck, then you’re perfectly aware of the kind of toughness required. Engine, suspension and transmission components certainly take some abuse. However, nothing quite literally takes as much of the weight as the bed. Protecting both the bed of your truck as well as the cargo in it can be a very difficult task. However, the work truck experts over at BedRug have an innovative solution with the easy to install BedRug bedliner.

Developed to protect your truck and cargo at the same time, the BedRug gives the appearance of carpet while being made of extremely rugged polypropylene. From the heaviest, most jagged work gear to straight battery acid, there is very, very little you can throw at the BedRug that it can’t take. Even when it comes to transporting delicate cargo, the cushioned liner works to ensure everything arrives in perfect condition.

Considering how much time is spent getting gear in and out of the bed, the BedRug is designed to be as gently on your knees as is possible. Perhaps most conveniently, washing the entire bed just became a stress and frustration free activity. Water will simply run over the surface to the factory drain holes throughout the truck’s structure. Allow 20 minutes for it to dry and you’re ready to go. From UV light to the most corrosive cargo, the BedRug will keep the back of your truck in incredible condition.

For more information on the BedRug, see Chris give a full review in the video below! To read more and purchase, head to the BedRug official website.


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