Auto Meter Gauges Dial Up Your Engine’s Intensity

Screen shot 2013-08-13 at 7.10When you decide to start a major build, a tremendous amount of time and energy is required. From turbos to nitrous-oxide  and even rebuilt engine cases, few things are more satisfying than taking a standard car and making it truly special. Yet, as power increases, the possibility of some kind of failure increases as well. A small percentage of street cars have dials upfront to measure engine, oil and water temperature let alone pressure. Fewer still have boost and tachometer gauges as prominently as they are needed in high horsepower cars. Without such instrumentation, a minor problem can escalate into a major one before you’re aware of the issue. Keep an eye on everything in your engine bay with Auto Meter gauges and pillars.

Make no mistake, if you want better-than-factory gauges, Auto Meter is the only option. The sheer selection alone makes their website worth visiting. No matter what you’re looking for, from basic instruments to full on race units, you’ll have hundreds of options. Looking for factory-licensed dials? Auto Meter is an official dealer of GM, Ford, Jeep, Dodge and Mopar units. If you’re involved in serious competition, check out one of the Professional Motorsports Data Logger Dash Displays.

Besides offering multiple, instantaneous readouts, this component can record a variety of different variables. Whether it’s engine performance or split times, this unit makes data tracking a much more direct process. As with all of Auto Meter’s race-prepared offerings, a liquid is used inside the face of the gauge to dampen virtually any vibration, even at top-fuel dragster levels.

Beyond gauges, Auto Meter also sells all needed mounting hardware for installation. When buying from Auto Meter, the entire process is simple, one stop acquisition. There’s no need to search through other companies for additional install or usage components. To purchase or simply to learn more, visit the official site and our Partz page. To discover just how sophisticated these instruments are, see Chris get hands on in the video below!


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