AMP Research (S05E03)

Chris Duke shows you how to install all the AMP Research products including the PowerStep, BedStep, and the all new BedXTender HD and BedStep2.

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Episode Notes

In this 3rd episode of our 5th season we revisit the installation of AMP Research products, but this time we install them all on our Chevy 1500 Silverado project vehicle. Kicking it off with the brand new BedXTender HD, then the original BedStep, the PowerStep, and finishing it all off with the new BedStep2!

This episode features our regular segments, Partz and Letterz. In “Partz”, Chris talks about a cordless C3 tool from Craftsman (which is used during the BedStep2 installation) and a chrome oil pan from Hedman Hedders’ Trans-Dapt.

As always, be sure to stick around to watch our out-takes at the very end!


This episode features an original Motorz theme song by Jeremy Pritchard.

  1. @enginerepairguy We wish we could, but it takes time to produce quality episodes. There was a longer delay than normal between this and the last episode due a death in Chris’ family (see the “in memory of” at the end of this episode). Thanks for your support!

  2. with the automatic door steps, it would be great if some guy was so used to it popping out and didnt pay attention to his step so the fuse blows or a motor goes out and it dont pop out and he falls thinking its automaticly gonna be there for him (:

  3. @ThePROD1690 We’ll be working on them in the future, but since we’ve done almost everything you can possibly do to them over the past few seasons we’re taking a break and working on a few other projects :)

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