According to The Nielsen Company, traditional television accounts for less than a third of viewing habits. Today, people are watching more video online and on a variety of mobile devices than ever before.

Mobile Trends (2012)

More than half of all mobile phones in the U.S. are smart phones.
• More than 40 million tablets are now used in the U.S. fueled by iPad and Kindle Fire. (It took Smartphones about 7 years to hit the same number!)
More than 90% of mobile online commerce takes place on a tablet.
• Mobile marketing is more about where and when you are reaching people than it is about mobile technology.
• The amount of time people spend on mobile devices is off the charts, and approaches television use.
Following the example of our automotive industry heroes, at Motorz, we are doing something new and exciting and our business model is revolutionary. Motorz goes beyond traditional perception of audience reach and engagement to include the new media landscape. Unlike traditional TV shows of the past, Motorz is distributed through numerous avenues reaching hundreds of millions of viewers.

Our mission is to inform, educate, inspire and empower both male and female automotive enthusiasts with the information needed to address automotive maintenance and improvement projects at home in a garage setting using common Craftsman® hand tools. We use simple step by step instructions, and present every episode in a relaxed, fun and entertaining style that our viewers love. Motorz is currently reaching over 200 million television households, and millions more through the Internet that bring quality Internet television shows and channels direct to the comfort of your living room or mobile device.

Motorz is enjoyed on Internet sites (like YouTube), and for the fast growing mobile market, our fans watch Motorz on the go via Android and iPhone and other mobile devices through apps and mobile access options like iTunes and YouTube, as well as on tablets like iPad and Kindle Fire.

At Motorz, we use integrated distribution, marketing and communications strategy. And, that includes an expansive social media presence on Facebook and Twitter. No one else in the industry today is doing what we do, or having more fun doing it.

Would you like to join the Motorz Revolution? We have a variety of advertising and sponsorship options to meet virtually every need and budget, and we specialize in creating customized solutions for our investors. To learn more, please contact us (information below).

Opportunities Available

• Season sponsorship
• Episode sponsorship
• Exclusive product category sponsorship
• Commercial advertising
• Partz segment sponsorship
• Letterz segment sponsorship
• Contributing sponsorship
• Customized advertising solutions


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