Add The Raptor Look With Paramount’s Faux Raptor Grille

Screen shot 2013-03-13 at 1.06Love the look of the new Ford Raptor but not crazy about the price or selling your current F-150? Now you can add the look of the Raptor to your own F-150 with Paramount’s faux Raptor Grille.

This aftermarket grille goes one step further than most, replacing not only the grille but also the surround. This creates a complete look that appears right out of the factory. Available in black, chrome or even in carbon fiber, there is a Raptor grille to match whatever look you are aiming for. In addition, with the Paramount grille you can still add Ford’s LED lights as on the actual Raptor. See the video below for more information on the LED installation.

Perhaps best of all is the ease of installation  The kit includes all the hardware you will need making this a one afternoon job. Simply raise the hood, remove the stock grille and brackets and replace them with the new provided brackets. After that is complete, attached the new grille to the kit brackets with the supplied hardware and you’re good to go! Even taking your time this installation should take less than a half hour.

For more information head to the Paramount website and watch the video below to see Chris install the Raptor grille on our F-150!

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