Add More Performance With Powermaster Alternators

37806__92126.1358038125.1280Alternators are one of those components only really thought of when they need replaced. They’re not usually at the forefront of performance-minded enthusiasts. However, if you are working on a project car or simply looking for more power and reliability from your ride, upgrade your alternator with a unit from Powermaster.

What perks can you gain from a high-output alternator? The most important is no more dead batteries. If you are using your vehicle in a situation that demands high-performance, high-output will ensure power is getting to the battery even in the most demanding situations. If you have upgraded your sound system, it can drain your battery reserve very quickly. Alternators that offer high-output can remove this problem entirely, handling even the most powerful accessories. Finally, alternators like the ones from Powermaster simply do not wear out anywhere near as fast as factory issue. In time, it’ll pay for itself.

The particular alternator we featured on Motorz is a 140 amp, chrome plated unit that weights under 12 pounds. It fits a wide range of vehicles and is best suited for Ford, Mercury and Jeep brands. For more information head to the Performance Parts website or visit the Partz page.

Check out the video below to see Chris install this phenomenal piece of engineering!


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