Access Cover Installation (S02E18)

Motorz TV shows you how to install the Access Cover from Agri-Cover on a 2010 Ford F-150. Filmed live at the 2009 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, NV.


Agri-Cover Access Cover

Episode Notes

This SEMA-special episode is 3 of 9 episodes we filmed while in Las Vegas at the 2009 SEMA Show.  Promoted as an eBay Motors workshop titled “Mastering Installation Videos”, Chris Duke and his Motorz TV crew installed a total of nine products over the course of three days, November 3-5 in Vegas.

Even though Motorz TV Season 2 ended at the end of September 2009 (Season 3 begins in January 2010), this event gave us some great new content to publish between seasons.

Earlier in Season 2 we did a full episode of Motorz TV where we installed the Lorado Cover from Agri-Cover on a 2007 Toyota Tundra.  The Access Cover is very similar, and also a breeze to install.  With help from a friend, the install can easily be completed within 30 minutes.

Product Specifications

The Access® Roll-up Cover is the most asked for tonneau cover! This roll-up tonneau cover gives you the adaptability you need and the sporty look you want. Each tonneau is made model specific for the tightest fit. Our truck bed covers are available for most Chevy, GMC, Ford, Dodge, Nissan, Mazda and Toyota pickup trucks. The Access® Roll-up Cover is the most versatile truck accessory you’ll ever own and comes with our Premium Cover Lifetime Warranty which covers all components, even the fabric!


This episode features music from COLDWEST.  “Snakeskinner”, “Ignition”, and a custom Motorz TV Intro.

  1. these are cool but the only problem is that it takes up soem of the bed space. meaning that piecethat holds the cover is inside the bed kinda. and some ppl will need all the space they can get. but other than that u guys did a nice job and more mpg because it removes the drag against the tailgate.

  2. my dad used the roll up one that is held on with buttons. and fits over the entire bed. and pice that u mount it on. but those dont have any secure lock so someone can pull it off and or take what is in the truck bed. do they make these that fit over the ENTIRE bed? meaning takin no space inside the bed?

  3. We were over by the Ford booth (just to the left of it). If you watch the “SEMA Show 2009 Ford Motor Company Booth Setup” video you’ll get a pretty good idea as to where we were!

  4. Thank you for watching! The cover (when rolled up) uses very little space, if any at all. I hear you though… if you need 100% bed space, then you need to get something that is fully removable, or rock an open bed.

  5. That works, and it DOES take up a minimal amount a space when rolled up, but I do like the Extang Trifecta better. It goes on and off easier. While it only folds up to 1/3 of the bed-length, it is light weight, and easily removed/re-installed. I prefer my Canvas Extang Trifecta to my previous fiberglass Snuglid.

  6. I currently have a stock, from the factory, Ford truck bed. On the section where you guys place the weather stripping by the bank window, the bed cover sticks up a little bit there. Will this effect the way this cover closes or fits flush?

  7. Installed hundreds of these at Total Truck in Anchorage,AK so they do well in the cold and snow as well.

  8. Installed hundreds of these at Total Truck in Anchorage,AK so they do well in the sold and snow as well.

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