A New S2000? The Internet Is Sure (So It Has To Be True)

S2000 CRThe internet is a wonderful thing in general, but when it comes to unsubstantiated sports car rumors, it’s second to none. Supra, RX-7, mid-engine Corvette, BRZ STi, 1970s style Camaro…the list of unfulfilled auto daydreams is painfully long. Feel like too many seconds have passed since the last one? Fear not: the never-say-die rumor of a new S2000 has once again reared its head. Is there any truth this time around? Let’s dive in.

For those not familiar with the Honda S2000, here’s the (very) short story: it’s one of the best sports cars ever made. Featuring a ridiculously high-revving straight six, arguably the greatest manual transmission of all time and telepathic steering, it checks all the right boxes. Plus, while its heavier than a current-day MX-5, it packs a very healthy 237 horsepower. That’s good enough for around a 5.5 second sprint to 60. Not bad, especially not for an open-air roadster.

In 2009, the S2k went the way of the dinosaurs (and basically all legendary JDM sports cars). And seemingly every year since then, the rumor mill has generated another sure-fire source proclaiming the return of everybody’s favorite roadster. Unfortunately, they’ve all proven to be spectacularly false. Why has the commotion started up again today? Turns out 2018 marks Honda’s 70th anniversary, and wouldn’t you know it, unnamed sources have leaked that the company plans to celebrate by bringing back an icon.

Here’s the blurb everyone is talking about, a la Car & Driver:

For the 70th, we could be looking at both a new car and a commemorative two-wheeler, as well. “Based on the company’s MotoGP contender, the bike will be a detuned, roadgoing version of the RC213V-S,” says our source. “As for the car, expect something special. Size-wise, it’ll be similar to the Mazda MX-5 Miata, but the Honda will have a lot more power.”

Skeptics may note that Honda does not have a platform for a compact, rear-wheel-drive sports car. But our insider tells us to not overlook what the company has done with its S660 mini-coupe and the all-new NSX supercar. “Both those coupes have unique, dedicated platforms, right?” he says.

On top of that, Acura execs have hinted (as of 24 months ago) that there is demand for a small, compact sports car. Never mind that a) that was eons ago by car market standards and b) it’d be a little weird for the new S2k to be an Acura. Setting those aside, it would make some sense for the car to be produced alongside the new NSX. After all, might as well use the plant to its full potential. Plus, Acura did just tease a sports car platform earlier this year.

Do we think there’s any truth to it? No. Call us cynical, but this one feels like disconnected rumors and developments tied together to explain why the great S2000 fantasy is “really guys, we really really mean it this time” just around the corner. There’s nothing we get more energetic about than seeing the revival of a brilliant driver’s car. But as it stands now, we don’t see it worth getting your hopes up.

Which means we will of course, obviously. But we’re probably in for a pretty long wait.

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