700HP Hennessey Camaro: Antithesis of Civilized

Motorz_ZL1HennesseyThere are cars designed for performance. Featuring sleek bodies, finely-tuned aerodynamics and well crafted interiors, modern speed machines are quick and considerably more refined than in the past. Yet, what if you don’t want refined? What if what you want is a mad, mad machine that donates zero-cares about anything but brutal acceleration? Is there still a car in this world for you? The answer may seem to be unclear until you fire up the ferocious V8 in the Camaro ZL1. In case that is still too civilized, one company offers a bow-tie meant to destroy worlds. That company is Hennessey.

There are nice sounding cars. Then there are loud ones. Then there are ones that seem to proclaim the end of days. The Hennessey HPE700 Camaro is certainly the latter. With what can only be described as a power-train fueled by brimstone and hellfire, the completely unchained Chevy transforms the perception of what speed can feel, look and sound like. Don’t be mistaken: this is not just some blown small block with the boost turned up to whatever comes right before engine failure. Rather, it is an incredibly well researched and built package designed specifically for the LS9. The upgrade list could outnumber the horsepower figure but here are the highlights: highly modified block, reinforced transmission and much more efficient intake/exhaust components.

Sure, 700 is impressive you might think, but what if I don’t want to just scare other muscle cars? What if I want I obliterate anything I could come across on the road? Simply turn up the loud pedal and get ready for some stunning numbers. From 650 all the way to 1,000+ horsepower, Hennessey has packages ready for any kind of build. Remarkably, many of these options feature a 3-year/36,000 mile warranty. For pretty obvious reasons that doesn’t apply to the ultra-powerful packages but even they have 1-year/12,000 mile guarantees. Plus, with a name and reputation along the lines of Hennessey, even this devil-incarnate Camaro is built to last.

Check out the video below to see the /Drive team buckle in and push the 700 horsepower version to redline. For more information on this package and the many others offered by Hennessey, head to their official website.


Photo credit goes to Hennesseyperformance.com

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