The Good, Bad and Downright Ugly from Tokyo Auto Salon 2016

Tokyo Auto Salon MX-5Every year, there is a massive automotive party known as the Tokyo Auto Salon. Held in (you guessed it) Tokyo, Japan, the event is unique in bringing together OEMs, major product launches, wild aftermarket one-offs and legendary tuning firms. In essence, it’s a sort-of JDM SEMA. It’s always an outlandish event, and so far, this year has not disappointed. Here are a few of our good, bad and ugly picks from the ongoing show:

Tokyo Auto Salon MX-5(2)Good: Mazda MX-5 Mazdaspeed Concept

Seriously, what’s not to absolutely love here? Mazda took the already stupendously fun MX-5 and gave it a 12-month membership to a local gym. The result? It’s now a much more athletic machine. Plus, if we’re honest, it’s a seriously good looking roadster. The black paint is offset achingly well with subtle red accents along the new bodykit. Adjustable suspension, more aggressive wheels/tires and lovely Recaro seats all help add to the sporting resume.

At this point, it’s just a concept. We’re very much hoping it doesn’t stay that way for long.

Tokyo Auto Salon Accord WagonBad: Modified Honda Accord Wagon

Not a huge surprise, but we’re big fans of sporty wagons. CTS-V, Jag XFR-S, Focus ST…in wagon form they’re desirable in a way that’s hard to explain. But we want them. What we don’t want is a clean, fairly well modified JDM Accord wagon that is all good until you open the trunk.

If you’re going to do understated, which is what this Honda looks like from the outside, why turn the interior into a rolling amplifier? This might be a great build for some, but to us it’s missing the point. Clean JDM wagons can be beautiful things. This one….not so much.

Jalopnik.comVery Ugly: This Poor Lamborghini

Ever seen Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas? Well, now you don’t have to. Because believe us, this Lambo is absolutely as LSD-meets-Ecstacy cocaine crazy as anything you’ll see in that film. From the factory, Lamborghini’s are difficult to improve. Because, you know, they’re made by Lamborghini. Adding countless, horribly tacky, shockingly out of place white and pink crystals does not help. Frankly, we’re not wild about the pink interior either, but that’s the least of our problems. While we’re at it, the wheels can probably go, too.

Now, in fairness, is this the worst Lamborghini we’ve ever seen? Yes. Next…

Tokyo Auto Salon BMW M4Good: BMW M4 

There’s no way we could end on that former raging bull. It’s going to be tough enough unseeing that poor supercar. So, to help get over the grieving process, check out this very tasteful M4. Modified by 3DDesign, we really appreciate the mix of loud and soft design language. The graphics and mild-ish wing would be a bit much on their own, but the low-key body work and beautiful gold wheels set them off perfectly. As far as M4s go, this is one of the best looking we’ve yet seen.

Great: Lexus RC-F GT500

Tokyo Auto Salon RCF GT3Wrapping things up, why not a full-on racecar? If asked which ride we’d most like to take home, it’d be difficult to answer with anything else other than the Lexus RC-F GT500. Even if you’re not a huge fan of the controversial design, the massive performance of the naturally-aspirated V8, particularly in race-spec, is a thing of endless beauty.

Designed to compete in the GT500 series (basically Japan’s version of the German DTM series), it’s hard to find any fault with this staggeringly impressive Lexus coupe.

Have a few favorite rides of your own from this year’s Tokyo Auto Salon? Share them with us on our Facebook and Twitter pages! 


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