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Lund International Great American Giveaway featuring AVS® – LUND ® – AMP RESEARCH®

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Help The Great American In Your Life Win Lund International Products from AVS® – LUND® – AMP RESEARCH®!

Who is a great American in your life that drives a pickup and goes the extra mile to help family, friends, community and/or country? We all know someone who fits the bill. This is your chance to help them win great products from AVS – LUND – AMP RESEARCH

In 300 words or less, tell us why the great American in your life deserves to win a prize package of products from AVS – LUND – AMP RESEARCH. Share how these products will help them continue the good work they do.

One lucky winner will receive a prize package of the following:

AVS Original 4pc Ventvisor™ – $60 value
AVS Bugflector II® – $60 value
LUND Genesis™ Elite Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover – $399 value
LUND Elite Series Fender Flares – $360 value
AMP Research PowerStep™ running boards – $1,200 value
…and a choice of one of the following:
AMP Research BedStep® bumper step – $200 value
AMP Research BedStep2™ box-side – $230 value
AMP Research BedXTender™ HD cargo cage – $240 value

for a total prize package valued at more than $2,250 and will be recognized by Motorz and Lund International as a truly great American! Free shipping is included.

How to enter:

Visit our Facebook page to submit your story about the Great American being nominated.

The next contest start date: May 1st.



Eligible vehicle models include:

Chevy Silverado/GMC Sierra 99-14; Ford F-150 04-14; Ford Super Duty 99-14; Nissan Titan 04-13; Ram 06-14; Toyota Tundra 07 -14; Toyota Tacoma 05-14

“Motorz is thrilled to partner with Lund International to offer this prize package to honor and support deserving American pickup truck owner who goes the extra mile – serving family, friends, communities and country.” – Chris Duke, Motorz host & executive producer

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Meet the Great American Giveaway Winners!

AMP_3_Troy_GivensOctober 2013

Troy Givens (Oregon)

“Good morning to you folks! My name is 1LT Troy Givens and I am a combat wounded veteran. I currently reside in Eugene, OR where I am undergoing physical therapy and medical treatment for the injuries I sustained in Afghanistan in Dec. 2010.  Prior to relocating to Oregon, I was in San Antonio, Texas at the Brooke Army Medical Center. During several months there in the ICU, I learned to walk again and was introduced to the AMP Research PowerSteps.  (You would be hard pressed to find a wounded Soldier with a truck down there who didn’t have their truck set up with the PowerSteps and BedSteps.)  I do not meet the criteria to get assistance through the VA because I still have some use of my leg.  Although I can bend my leg, I lack flexibility in my knee and half of my lower quad muscle is physically missing on my right leg. My right knee is being held together by scar tissue and calcification. Therefore, the overall stability of my leg is quite minimal and muscle control is very weak, especially on the days when I have physical therapy. I am hoping AMP Research can assist me in acquiring the PowerSteps and BedSteps for my truck.  These products would be very beneficial to me in my daily life. Thank you for your time! ”

Prize: AMP Research PowerStep™ running boards and BedXTender HD™ cargo cage


John & Ruth Sherman

June 2013

John and Ruth Sherman (Florida)

Jacked Up For A Cause

My parents started a non profit called Jacked Up For A Cause in 2009. They experienced their own hardships in 1995, and were on the verge of losing everything. Our community came together and helped us survive. The outpouring of kindness was so overwhelming that my parents wanted to pay it forward. That’s how Jacked Up for a Cause came to be! My parents hold car and truck shows and car washes to help needy families by supporting food pantries and Toys for Tots, and are trying to aid in the campaign to bring awareness to the affects of bullying. They have to haul alot of equipment and supplies as well as a mini truck that was designed to promote the anti-bullying campaign. The AMP Research PowerStep running boards would help out immensely because my mother has trouble getting in and out of the truck, and the BedXTender would dress up the truck and work perfectly to help hold all the cargo securely when traveling for Jacked Up for a Cause events!

Prize: AMP Research PowerStep™ running boards and BedXTender HD™ cargo cage

Aunt Bobi

April 2013

Bobbi Wnuk (Wisconsin)

Aunt Bobbi

“My Aunt Bobbi Jo Wnuk really deserves this prize package because of all the work she does for the Special Education Department at the Wisconsin Bonduel School District. She also helps with homecare for the elderly and the disabled in the community, heads up a benefit for a neighbor fighting cancer, and serves as a volunteer with Bridge The Gap for Autism and the Autism Society of Northeast Wisconsin (both non-profits. Putting many miles on her F-150 driving down rough Wisconsin roads to help all these people, aunt Bobbi is constantly getting in and out of her truck. AMP Research running boards would sure make it easier and safer for her during the hard Wisconsin winters. And, a BedXTender HD sure would help keep all the donated items that in the truck bed from sliding around.”

Prize: AMP Research PowerStep™ running boards and BedXTender HD™ cargo cage