Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I get my vehicle featured on the show?

A: Please read this page for information on how to apply.

Q: I love what you guys are doing… the videos are great! How can I help spread the word?

A: There’s quite a bit you can do! First, be sure to subscribe to both of our iTunes podcasts, then give us a glowing 5-star review (to both podcasts!) If you still have time after that, do the same thing at YouTube and everywhere else Motorz is published! Word of mouth is the greatest thing, too… so post links from your favorite sites, your accounts at StreetFire, MySpace, FaceBook, etc., and forums you visit too!

Q: I work for a company that makes aftermarket products. How can I get you guys to do an install video for us?

A: We’d love to discuss the opportunity to produce a video for you! Please contact us.

Q: Can I embed your videos on another website or download the videos?

A: Of course! To embed our videos just visit one of the sites we publish videos to such as YouTube. Copy their embed code wherever you like! To download our videos, just subscribe to our iTunes podcast. Then you can put the videos on your iPod, iPhone, computer, and even Apple TV!

Q: What happened to Truckblog.TV?

A: Truckblog.TV started as a concept idea–one day back in May 2008 we decided to try something new for Truckblog. We received very encouraging feedback from our first video, so we decided to do another, then another and another. After 9 episodes of Truckblog.TV we decided to open up the playbook so we can produce how-to videos for other vehicles, not just trucks and SUVs. The paint wasn’t even dry yet on our new Truckblog.TV sign before we decided to change gears over to Motorz. Our truck & SUV videos will still appear at Truckblog, and any videos for muscle cars will now appear at Muscle Car Blog, but videos will also be aired right here!