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You can watch the show here at the Motorz website but why stop there? Here's a complete list of 25 places where you can watch our show, including on cable and satellite TV! Please be sure to subscribe to our various channels, add the videos to your favorites, and give them a positive rating!

Cable TV Satellite TV Broadcast TV Mobile Internet TV Web
Family Channel
Pursuit Channel
Untamed Sports
Auto Channel
Rural Channel
Shaw Direct
Family Channel
Auto Channel
Untamed Sports
iPod Touch
Windows Phone
Apple TV
Popcorn Hour
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Available to Andrdoid Smartphones through our app, available in the Android Market
The Apple iPhone features mobile access to the massive iTunes library, including the ability to browse and watch podcasts.
Apple TV is a set-top box requiring nothing but a broadband connection to access movies, music, and iTunes podcasts.
BizTV is a hub of information for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Motorz is in the automotive block.
Publisher-friendly video sharing and distribution site. 1,265,000 monthly unique visitors.
The Engineer's place for news and discussion!
The 2nd largest TV network with 19M subscribers throughout the U.S. Watch on Pursuit Channel 608.
Broadcast satellite TV available to 14M homes in the U.S. Watch on the Pursuit Channel, channel 240.
55.1% male audience; 35.68% in 18-34 age range; most popular in the Midwest and Southern regions of the US
Watch live TV in HD. Pay per view and HD movies on demand. Watch Motorz 24/7!
Transforms your smartphone into a remote control, allowing you to stream media on the big screen TV.
A Ford truck enthusiast website designed to be informative, fun, and pick up where the other sites leave off.
Apple iTunes is the only place "off the web" to watch Motorz. Home to over 65 million active users.
Cable TV in Kentucky, local to Middlesboro, Pineville, and Bell County.
A set-top box that streams and plays videos & other media to your TV.
#1 channel for outdoor satellite distribution on DIRECTV Ch 608 and DISH Network Ch 240.
Watch Motorz on your TV, in addition to Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and a lot more!
The ultimate video sharing site for the automotive industry.
The Auto Channel is available on cable, satellite and broadcast television to over 6M homes in Southern Florida.
Provides 24/7, G-rated content to television broadcast stations. Closed Captioned (CC).
Broadband-connected TiVo DVRs, delivering our programming to households without the need for a computer.
The first digital broadcast network to offer original programming targeted at men. Closed Captioned (CC).
An outdoor sports and lifestyle network with distribution on cable TV
Thousands of movies and TV shows directly through the TV, without requiring a computer or TV service.
The original (and still the largest) video sharing site. 69,329,000 monthly unique visitors.