The Motorz Crew

Motorz isn’t possible without the dedicated crew behind the cameras. Here’s our awesome team that keeps the Motorz engine running!

Creator, Executive Producer, Host

Chris Duke

Motorz Girl

Brigitte Patton


Chris Duke


Chris Duke, Dillon Adams, Brian Olhausen

Production Assistants

Brian Olhausen, Tami Olhausen, Dillon Adams


Tracy L. Teuscher, APR.

Production Manager

Steve Garrett

Consulting Producers

Mike Wilkes, Krissy Duke

Script Development

Denny Hao, Jim Smart

Parts Manager

Brian Olhausen

Make-up Artist, Hairdresser

Tami Olhausen

Technical Editors

Mike Wilkes, Brian Karas, Rick Gideon, Greg Erickson


Bobby Batyko

Chris’ Personal Assistant


Chris’ Publicist

Miranda Spigener


Enrico Bobier

Social Media

Alex Tye

Talent Photographers

MGW Photography, Lynn Chyi, Melanie Duke

Administrative Assistant

Ashley Riggins

Closed Captioning

Mark Ponter

Technical Consultant

Jason Gillmore

Live Event Film Crew

Greg Erickson, Brian Olhausen, Tami Olhausen, Mark Ponter, Mike Wilkes

Motorz Mascot