Headlight Restoration

Headlight Restoration. Part of the Auto Center series, hosted by Chris Duke. Learn how to restore your headlights to their original glory and improve their brightness.

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Tire Wear

Tire Wear – What Are Your Tires Telling You. Part of the Auto Center series, hosted by Chris Duke. Learn what the wear on your tires means so you stay safe on the road.

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Changing Spark Plugs

Spark Plugs – Changing and Maintenance. Part of the Auto Center series, hosted by Chris Duke. Get tips on how to properly change and maintain your spark plugs.

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The Oil Wrench: Why You Need One

More and more people are turning to the “Do-It-Yourself” approach when it comes to auto maintenance and repair, and that is a great thing. Handling your own maintenance and repair jobs can definitely help keep …

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June Tune-Up Reminder

This year just seems to be flying by! As we settle in to June and the upcoming summer season its a good idea to use the halfway mark to check your maintenance and upkeep schedule …

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Vehicle Wraps

Chris Duke shows you everything you need to know about vehicle wraps. Troy Downey from APE Wraps guest stars.

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Spark Plugs

Chris Duke shows you how to inspect and change spark plugs, and discusses E3 high performance spark plugs.

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PARTZ: Fast Funnel

Here’s the PARTZ segment from the upcoming episode this Friday! MOTORZ TV presents PARTZ: Developed, produced and distributed by S&S Concepts, Inc., the Fast Funnel disposable funnel is the only product of its kind. A …

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