January 15, 2014

Motorz Mobile Apps for iOS, Android, Kindle FireThe Motorz mobile app is all new and available now!

Download it free today for iPhone, iPad, Android, and Kindle Fire to watch full episodes, and stay connected to your favorite Automotive Improvement® show!

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The new mobile app allows you to stay in touch with Motorz, read the latest news, watch full episodes, view the latest photos, and a whole lot more!


January 14, 2014

Motorz_MothersWrapCareThough it’s one of the newest trends in the automotive world, vehicle wraps have become extremely popular. Providing crisp, incredibly detailed graphics with the huge benefit of removal instead of repainting, it isn’t difficult to see why. A scratch or chip in a natural matte finish can be a massive expense. The same mark from road debris on a matte wrap is significantly more practical to repair. Yet, special care still needs to be taken for the longest wrap lifetime possible. For the best, most cost effective solution, check out the Mothers Polishes Vehicle Wrap Care lineup.


January 9, 2014

Motorz_3dCarbon GrilleFor fans of fast Mustangs or even just movies with fast cars, the name “Eleanor” needs no introduction. Whether it’s the 1971 Mustang from the original Gone in 60 Seconds or the remake’s 1967, either pony is truly an icon of film and auto history. Unfortunately, dropping six figures for a perfect replica of the ’67 movie Mustang is a stretch for any budget. Plus, even for the true diehards, it’s not exactly a daily driver. However, you can give that classic Eleanor look to your 2010-2012 Ford Mustang GT with the 3dCarbon Center Fog Light Grille.


January 7, 2014

Motorz_MustangRestylingThose of us that truly love cars know it isn’t a just a passion, it’s a lifestyle. Even the most advanced, complete vehicle can always be made that touch faster, more efficient or just plain incredible to look at. Welcome to Episode 3 of the sixth season of Motorz! The 2010 Ford Mustang is easily more than enough car for the majority of buyers. However, there are a plethora of aftermarket companies looking to update and enhance the look of the modern pony car.


January 2, 2014

Motorz_Chevy350V8As the mass media market continues to dramatically change in the 21st century, automotive dedicated programming continues to decline. From diminishing race coverage to the shocking loss of the SPEED channel earlier this year, 2013 wasn’t a particularly bright television year for motor heads. However, there certainly were exceptions and at the top of the list was the expansion of the Motorz broadcast and online reach. In fact, our 5-part series on rebuilding a Chevy small block has hit well over one million views on YouTube!


January 1, 2014

ridez_12_2013qAs the heart of the winter season closes in, there truly isn’t a worse time for your car’s finish. Between snow, sleet, hail, slush and more, it all begins to take a toll. Regularly washing your car to keep as much salt off as possible does help. However, if you park your car outside or even in a cold garage your ride needs all of the protection you can provide.

One of the best steps is to cover your car with a Covercraft car cover. Made with the highest quality materials and Crafted-2-Fit precision manufacturing, this is simply the best car cover on the market. Feel like winning one of your own? Each month our Ridez contest winner will take home an all new cover courtesy of Covercraft. To win, simply head to our Ridez page and submit photos of your own ride!


It’s a new month and as always, we’re giving away more great tools from our friends at Craftsman! We’ve given away a ton of tools over the years, and this month we’ve got more!


December 31, 2013

Motorz_AutoTwirlerNo matter how big your crew or small the engine, any job that involves removing the engine from your car or truck is about as critical as a project can get. Apart from the actual removal of the power-plant, the biggest challenge is ensuring a secure mount for the engine. Avoid any costly accidents by sticking with one of the most trusted names in the industry: AutoTwirler Engine Stands.


December 26, 2013

Motorz_ProCompCounting the similarities between a several thousand horsepower top-fuel dragster and your work pickup may result in a short list. Yet, one basic principle remains solidly the same for both: without the right tires, even the most powerful engine will get you exactly nowhere. For heavy duty hauling, towing and demanding worksites, mounting the right rubber on your pickup is essential. For a vehicle that works as hard as you do, go for the best all terrain tires available with Pro Comp’s Xtreme All Terrain Radial A/T.


December 25, 2013

Mark-GaretyMerry Christmas, and congratulations to Mark Garety, who is having an especially good Christmas this year! I personally informed Mark today that he has won the $10,000 prize package from our 2013 Motorz Mega Craftsman Christmas giveaway! Mark works as a manufacturing engineer for Caterpillar, Inc. and lives in Illinois. Mark is married with a 15 month old daughter, and has another baby on the way!


December 24, 2013

Motorz_BedStepStraight from the factory your pickup certainly has potential to be used as a daily work truck. However, while there are components that may be ready for the job site right away, some adjustments and modifications may need to be made for heavy duty work. One of the most immediate areas that needs addressed is simply having easy access to your truck’s bed. Whether your truck is lifted or has a deep bed, it can be considerably difficult to have immediate reach to your cargo. To fix this fundamental problem, check out the BedStep or the BedStep2 from AMP Research.


December 19, 2013

Motorz_909From your smart phone to tablet or even vehicle infotainment system, touch-activated technology has come a very long way. What used to be inaccurate and impractical now can be implemented in very productive ways. Yet, surprisingly few touch tools are available for automotive purposes. That all looks to change with the introduction of 909′s latest innovation: the 12C Touch Pro Drill and Impact Driver.


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