March 27, 2012

One of the toughest things for us here at Motorz is giving all of the awesome parts and tools we use or talk about on the show enough credit. For the die hard fan base and tool addicts, they’ll pick up on things the casual viewer may miss, but there’s plenty that’s worth another look.

Today we’re going to take a look at the Craftsman Electronic Torque Wrench.

The electronic torque wrench has numerous advantages – a large LCD display, LEDs that tell you when you’re approaching the desired setting and even a nice audible beep to let you know when to stop. How many times have you been using a torque wrench in a tight spot and accidentally moved the settings dial? Well, worry no more as there are no dials on the digital model.


March 24, 2012

Four years ago I started uploading episodes of Motorz to YouTube. A total of 67 episodes, plus some extras which totalled over 100 videos and amassed well over 3.5 Million views. That all changed tonight with the click of a button.

Earlier today I uploaded the latest episode, S05E05 (#67) to YouTube. It was a historic first, too. The first Motorz episode to be uploaded in 1080p (previous were 720p), and the first episode to be immediately captioned. An audio issue in the 4th part of the episode was discovered by YouTube viewers. I fixed it, and began uploading a new version of it to YouTube.


The new episode of Motorz featuring our top end engine rebuild is now online!

In this episode, Chris Duke shows you how to rebuild the top end of our block using a cam shaft and roller lifters from Crower Cams, plus heads and intake manifold from Dart Machinery. He walks you through all the steps involved and goes over all of the tools requires for installation – while providing tips for ease of installation along the way.

We’re that much closer to seeing this Chevy small block get fired up!

You can watch it right now:

How-To Rebuild Your Top End

March 19, 2012

Our Motorz host, Chris Duke, is no longer a stranger to the Sears tools catalog. Beginning with the 2010 holiday tools catalog, each catalog continues to feature Chris as a tool advisor for Sears tools (see links below for previous 3 catalogs). The new 2012 Sears tool catalog comes out April 15th (just in time for you to spend your tax return windfall on new tools!) and once again features our tool-lovin’ host and some incredible Craftsman tools on 5 pages!

As the exclusive automotive tool advisor for Sears catalogs, he opens the Mechanics Tools section (p. 65), the Automotive Specialty section (p. 102), and the Air Tools section (p. 118). He’s also featured on the inside cover (page 2)!


March 17, 2012

We have a very popular thing going on at our Facebook page called “Caption This” where, daily, we post a funny car-related photo and ask our Facebook fans to write a short caption to describe what they see. The results are always entertaining and it’s a fun way to break up the day with something silly.

Ironically, we are currently on a closed captioning rampage with all episodes of Motorz, since more networks that we’re on are requiring CC for broadcast in order to be compliant with FCC regulations. In other words, if Motorz isn’t closed captioned for the hearing impaired, then they legally can’t air our show.


March 11, 2012

A few weeks back, Chris received a brand new Covercraft Industries WeatherShield HP car cover from our great friends at Covercraft, for the Motorz F-150 project truck. It’s the same exact model cover that each and every one of our Ridez Winners receive if they are selected!

Chris just sent me a teaser shot from our upcoming episode where Chris and Jason spent the entire day in a super secret location working on and filming our Project F-150. It has undergone some serious changes since you’ve seen it last and the new episode is going to be a great one from what I have already seen! We’re really excited about this episode and it should be wrapped up soon!

Be sure to check out the teaser shot, below!


March 9, 2012

It’s no surprise to anyone that the Japanese tend to go big. I think that one of the best things in their culture is that self expression is widely accepted, and if you roam the streets of Japan you’ll likely stumble across a series of larger than life characters dressed as though they’re about to fight crime in their favorite video game or Anime movie.

It doesn’t end in the way people dress, as you may have already guessed. No, Japanese citizens are very much into automotive modification. Cars such as the Honda Civic, the Nissan 350Z and the legendary Nissan Skyline are all good examples of vehicles you may have seen in the Need For Speed series of movies (modeled after the white hot Japanese automotive scene).

But we’re not talking cars today, we’re talking trucks – and BIG ones.


March 7, 2012

The winner of last month’s tool giveaway has been chosen!

The winner of the Craftsman Nextec 12-volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Hammerhead Auto Hammer goes to…

Oscar Valera of Berkeley, CA!

Congrats Oscar!

Be sure to enter to win this month’s giveaway with more tools from the Sears Blue Tool Crew:

March 3, 2012

Last month, we selected Ryan Papp of Elkton, MD as our January 2012 Ridez winner.

Ryan’s truck, a 2008 Dodge Ram 2500 Quad Cab presented some interesting challenges for Covercraft Industries seeing as though he has an exhaust stack (with plans for a second) coming through the bed of his truck. Covercraft graciously accommodated our request for a customization, after getting some measurements from Ryan. His video serves as a big thank you, and we’d also like to thank him for sending it in!


March 2, 2012

Covercraft Industries provides one lucky winner with a custom patterned WeatherShield HP cover in gray or taupe color ($245 to $644 value) with a Motorz logo. All you have to do is submit a photo of your ride for our Ridez Page and the staff here selects a monthly winner!

February 2012 was the toughest month we have had in terms of choices, because we received quite a few entries!

This month, we ultimately decided on Manuel Serrano of Salinas, CA and his 2010 Chevrolet Camaro SS!

Read on to check out his awesome ride, and an example of the cover you could win next month!


March 1, 2012

We’re continuing our 2012 tool giveaways strong here at Motorz. We are giving away yet another Craftsman product, thanks to our friends at Sears!

This month we’re giving away a Craftsman 182 pc. Mechanics Tool Set with 3-Drawer Chest! This kit has everything you’d need as an aspiring Auto Mechanic or the perfect compliment to your existing tool collection.

Make sure to enter to win!

Here’s what we’re giving away this month:

Craftsman 182 pc. Mechanics Tool Set with 3-Drawer Chest (Model #33182)

Retail value: $229.99 (US)
Free shipping is included.

Enter to win!

February 27, 2012

Whenever we film new episodes, we have tons of content that literally gets cut right out during editing. It’s often some real funny stuff when you look back and watch some of the moments that don’t make it to the episode.


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